Dorothy A. Ennes

Director, Property Management

40 + years of experience as a Residential Property Manager

We offer full service property management to owners of single-family residences, individual condominium units and small apartment complexes in the greater Puget Sound area. Our services include all aspects of residential management, including:

~Preparation and marketing of rental properties;
~Screening of prospective tenants;
~Document preparation and execution, including leases and inspection reports;
~Rent collection and accounting;
~Repairs and maintenance;
~Payment of invoices such as repair invoices, mortgages, taxes, insurance;
~Detailed monthly and year-end statements;
~Periodic inspections, as well as move-in and move-out inspections;
~Evictions when necessary;
~Tenant deposit accounting

The property manager's goal is to maintain and increase the value of various real estate investments.Additional tasks assigned to our property managers are:

~Scheduling property maintenance
~Analyzing market conditions
~Negotiating leases
~Resolving customer complaints
~Maintaining records, reports and files

Although Property Management has an accounting staff, the property manager is responsible for making sure the rent is collected on time, approving invoices, resolving issues regarding invoices and determining which repairs are owner expenses and which are tenant.

We look forward to helping you with your investment property.



Dorothy A. Ennes
Director, Residential Property Management

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